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Super Space Adventure (SSA) is on of the orginal groups of BACON. This group involves simply designing and constructing payloads to attach to a weather ballon as send to the sky. With many iterations, SSA has gone through many different types of launches, and accomplished many fun goals. Each year, the box gets increasing complex, as groups have more and more ambitions.

This group is different from several others in BACON, in that it only exists when there is student interest. Because there is no competition or regular need for the group, SSA takes place when students have a project they want to do. Usually, launches are annual, but some years are missed due to this inconsistent nature, however; it leads to truely great projects, as all members are very dedicated and each project becomes a unique event.

SSA Launch Procedures

SSA Launch Materials


This is not a Bomb


McMurdo Strikes Back!


The Return of McMurdo


Main article: SSA4

SSA4 (Star Wars themed title pending) is probably the most ambitious thing undertaken by anyone ever. Tentative launch date: 06/03/2012


Main article: SSA5

SSA5 (Star Wars themed title pending) is probably the most ambitious thing undertaken by anyone ever. Tentative launch date: 06/03/2017


Main article: SSA6

SSA 6 focuses on the science opportunities launching a weather ballon presents. With the idea of gathering as much data and general information as possible, sensors of all sorts were attached, run off of Raspberry Pi Zero's and an Arduino Uno board. Cameras were also included, as pictures are always fun from thousands of feet in the air.

The SSA6 project construction took place largely during the spring of 2017: the box was designed and assembled, and the sensors were coded. The launch was delayed until the next school year due to issues with purchasing the helium, weather ballon, and parachute necessary. The box was finalized in the fall of 2017, and launched in the kick-off season of BACON, in September.

This SSA project was the first SSA to be done in the newly completed Sigma Lab, The box was constructed utilizing the range of tools available in the new engineering space, including working materials, programming options, and other tools and resources. The SSA8 mission and box was designed with this in mind. The goal was to take advantage of the new resources available, as well as the increased range of engineering expertise, and to celebrate the new science space with a box that demonstrated the capabilities of the lab.