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The First Tech Challenge part of BACON has a large number of students, ranging in age and experience from freshman who are interested and want to learn, to veteran seniors who lead and help the team.

This section of BACON centers around a nationwide robotics competition call First Tech Challenge (Link). A new competition is released each year, and the students work to devise a strategy, plan, code, and build a robot to compete with against teams in surrounding areas.

Each year brings different challenges and different obstacles for the team to overcome, and students put in time and effort to keep the team moving forward.

2016-2017 Season


Each year, students create a notebook documenting work they did for the competition to present to judges log their work. This includes code, designs, pictures, and more.

Notebook from 2016-2017 Season

2017-2018 Season


Navigating Android Studio & FTC App Master

FTC GitHub Documentation

Wifi Direct Upload